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Arcadia, FL Born- 

Pompano Beach, FL raised-


Meet  Sarahca Peterson a poet/spoken word artist born in Arcadia, Florida  and raised in Pompano Beach. She made her official entrance into the poetry community back in 2012 at Black on Black Rhymes in Tampa Florida where she recited her very first spoken word poem. Little did she know that performance would land her a feature at a venue an audience member put together. Since then she has graced over a 200 different stages at  multiple venues. She has been called an enigma on the local scene as she is a devoted single mother of two beautiful daughters that she calls her "reasons". Sarahca is also the author of "From Behind This Chair" a fiction novel published in 2011 that tells the story of a hairstylist and all the drama that comes with the job. She is currently working on her junior poetry album under her self owned cultural arts programming and production company; The Round Table Project LLC. She is also the visionary behind the Small Towns Need Poetry Too Initiative where she takes a group of poets to small towns to introduce the art of poetry and spoken word.  She was also the creator of The Conversation Piece a monthly artist panel discussion In partnership with Bailey Contemporary Arts held in Pompano Beach, Florida. Sarahca most recently co-wrote "Let  The Good Times Rolle" an original play on the life of Emmy award winning actress and activist Esther Rolle. With everything Sarahca is involved with, she still finds  time to be a voice for her community  against the inequalities people face both locally and abroad. When it comes to the reason behind her advocacy for the arts she simply says "Educating one's self on the importance or simple existence of a thing and or person breeds understanding, understanding breeds acceptance, acceptance breeds responsibility, responsibility, breeds kindness and kindness breeds love. I think we all can agree this country/world could use a lot more love. It is a disservice to mankind to view the arts as a luxury for the elite, rather than a necessity for all mankind. People need platforms, safe spaces, programs to express themselves without fear of judgement or persecution and the arts invites all cultures, ethnicity, race and or creeds in with open arms "